Lunch Links (The “Korean from a Deli” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of 22 and Philly 

  • Pastrami and Things offers bulgogi sandwiches to Center City [22 and Philly]
  • Has anyone tried the Halal food from the cart on 8th and Market? []
  • A lesson on making El Rey’s chilaquiles [Phila Weekly]
  • Dominos pasta bread bowl is a carby mess [Slice]



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    For a stretch during the summer, I ate at that cart at 8th & Market almost every week. I don’t get to the area that often during lunch anymore, but the lamb & rice platter has to be one of, if not the, best $5 lunches around Market East there. Unless there’s something much better I don’t know about, of course. Heh.

    Anyway. The lamb is cooked well, and the rice does a good job of sopping up the grease (not too much, but don’t waste that!) and the sauce(s). The platter also comes with a serviceable-enough side salad – shredded lettuce, tomato and onion kinda thing. I go for both the yogurt sauce and the hot sauce, which both do the job they’re supposed to do. Oh, and the platter is huge!

    Not destination food or anything, but it’s highly satisfying comfort-style food, at least to me, and from a cart in that area you can’t do any better. I’m also a fan of the gyro (the same lamb and lettuce and whatnot from the platter, only wrapped in a pita and minus the rice), and I’ve tried the falafel (pass) as well. Haven’t had their chicken or fish yet. I’ll try their chicken one day, I’m sure, but I doubt I’ll ever go for fish there.

    I can’t imagine they’re much different in any real way from the dozen or so other such similar carts along Market and Chestnut in Center City (I had a gyro from the Halal cart at 4th & Market once and it was almost indistinguishable from this cart), but I like them well enough, and the guy who runs it is fantastic. Quick, easy, cheap and good.

    I didn’t realize they were that new. I was probably their first regular customer!

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      Oh, and clarification on the salad – by ‘serviceable enough’ I don’t mean good or anything, I just mean things like “for December in Philadelphia, the tomato can be much worse” etc etc.

      The last time I ate here was a few weeks ago, and it was still good. They’re very consistent.

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    And speaking of that cart. The article mentions they planned on being open Saturdays soon, and sure enough they were out there yesterday afternoon for the first time. I only passed by on a bus so I couldn’t ask their Saturday hours, but they were setting up around 10 AM so I’d guess something at least like 11 AM to 1 or 2 PM.

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