Communication Problems and Chicken at Le Bercail

Le Bercail is a small French-African restaurant in West Philly. Expect a menu mostly divided by mode of preparation with a grilled section, a fried section, and a saucy section. Inside are a few booths and smaller tables.  At lunch time, it was mostly empty, just us and one other table. The lack of a crowd did not help the fact that our waiter did not really understand us very well. He was not able to help describe some of the menu when we had questions, and he misunderstood my friends order; instead of bringing out 2 of the same order, he brought out one leaving us with 2 plates for 3 people. We were so frustrated we just shared.

I ordered the  sauteed shrimp, “crevette sautee”, which came with a whole pile of sauteed vegetables. Though I appreciated the medley, there weren’t any particularly interesting flavors, so I would not recommend this unless you wanted something safe.

Mains are served with a choice of side, we went with the simple salad with sliced hard boiled egg.

The dish that caused the confusion, half a grilled chicken ($10), had a nice crispy skin and onion relish.

Besides enjoying the simply presented chicken there were other positives, for example,  I loved the fresh ginger juice. Also, prices are reasonable for the size of the plate. Check the website for  $2 off coupon.

Had I known I should have done some research into the menu, I might have been able to order something more exciting. I think dabbling into the “sauce with rice” section might prove most fruitful. I enjoyed the yassa and peanut sauces at Kilimandjaro, so that would likely be the direction I would go in if I were to head back to Le Bercail.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Big plates

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Communication problems
  • The menu can be confusing

Le Bercail, 4519 Baltimore Ave, 267-292-5805


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