Chutney Company’s Kathi Roll

A while back I enjoyed the uttapa’s at Philadelphia Chutney Co but wasn’t so enthralled that I made many return trips. While walking by the place I saw a sign for kathi rolls, which I didn’t remember them having when I ate there originally (though apparently they did as Chef’s special at the corner of the blackboard menu). Kathi rolls are a rolled up wrap; an Indian street food. Not to be confused with dosas, which have a thinner bread and are less tightly wrapped up. I absolutely loved them in NYC and having not had one since living there, I stopped in.

I ordered a combo of chicken and paneer which cost about $10 and came with a chutney of my choice. I received 2 wrapped kathi rolls; you could eat one and save one for later or just shove them both down. The chicken and paneer stuffing was spicy and generously portioned, but I didn’t like the inedible bits of bay leaves or whatever it was that I had to keep picking out. Also, the paratha wrapper itself didn’t have the same savory, greasiness of my favorites in NYC.  Not perfect, but still a decent lunch and a fine alternative to a deli sandwich.

Philadelphia Chutney Company, 1628 Sansom Street (@ 17th) 215 564-6446



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