Lunch Links (The “We’re Still Relevant, Right Guys?” Edition”)

Photo Courtesy of Bridges Burgers Beer
  • The idea is out there, are food blogs over? (Not if you are reading Midtown Lunch, right right??) [Amateur Gourmet]
  • Bridges Burgers Beer wishes the mock chicken cheesesteak at Govinda’s had cheese that was less mocky. He should have gotten it with regular cheese like I did.  [BridgesBurgersBeer]
  • Meal Ticket says that regular hours are coming to Nom Nom soon, plus their slideshow displays an authentic looking broth [Meal Ticket]
  • Philly Phoodie experiences my worst food nightmare at Wedge & Fig, a hair [Philly Phoodie]
  • Laban appreciates the funk at Sky Cafe [Inquirer]


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  • I think the market is definitely tougher for food blogs now, but a lot of people start one and never post new content. No one is going to return to re-read that shit you wrote three months ago, again. Also hairs are bad, but chicken salad hairs are some next level grossness.

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