In the Dominican Republic You Can Pet Your Pig and Eat it Too

No profile volunteers for today (email me slackers! the people want to know what you eat., so I will instead share my awesome pork experience from when I snuck away to Puerto Plata last week.

On my way from the airport I asked my taxi driver the most important question, “Donde podemos comer lechon asado? Where can we eat roast pork?” He responded, “En todos partes! Everywhere!” That is my kind of country.

He took us to a road stand right outside of Puerto Plata where roasted pigs are always available even after prime lunch time is over. It is sold by the pound for a few dollars with a side of boiled yuca. Our guy took a hunk of meat  from behind a plastic case and thwacked it into pieces. We ate with our hands. The juicy meat and crispy skin were exactly what I needed. There may not have even been any seasoning on these pigs, but with a fresh kill, who needs it?

About 5 feet away from the plastic table we ate at, we got to meet the pigs who were next in line and where they go to get turned into food. A little creepy, but I would stare any pig in the face while eating the skin of its brother when it tastes this good. If that makes me wrong, I don’t want to be right. Besides, think of how small that carbon footprint is.

The lesson of this story: when traveling, always ask your taxi driver to bring you to lunch!



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