Cacia Bakery and The American Cheese Pizzaz Slice

Cacia Bakery is a tiny spot in South Philly with rolls and slices of  pizza behind glass for you to point at and take home with you. The snack sized square slices are barely over a dollar, but you will need a few to fill up.

I had heard tales of their tomato slice, but I just didn’t want to give up cheese. Instead, I was directed to the “pizzaz” slice.

This slice comes with tomatoes, barely hot peppers, and the weird element- American cheese. The cheese selection made the slice nostalgically comforting. Putting cheese snobbery aside, it works.

Cacia Bakery, 1526 Ritner St, 215 334-1340


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  • Pizzaz is one of my dirty secrets. They used to have Pizzaz cheesesteaks at my old favorite joint on Oregon. Cacia’s does a pretty bang up job at the slices.

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