Wondering Wednesdays: The Fritura Dominicana Truck

This Wednesday, we are exploring the streets, with a Dominican truck that knows how to handle its phallic shaped food.

Just like Moonshine Cuisine, finding The Fritura Dominicana Truck was another instance of passing by , getting a good feeling, and turning the car around to stop. The menu is not your typical food truck menu. A lot of meat is involved, including fried pig feet burgers. Just to warn you, that is not what I ordered.

What’s a sorullo? I was about to find out.  A fried, weiner shaped snack made with cornmeal and stuffed with cheese. This tasted like how I wish all the terrible mozzarepas served at street fairs tasted like.

Perhaps not feeling up to a pig feet burger, the sausage platter seemed like a good way to check out the truck’s meat wares. While waiting, I found out that the sausages are completely homemade. We had no idea what to expect, but the small, crisped skin, clearly deep fried sausages was defintely a pleasant surprise.  Despite a few pieces of gristle here and there, and the very notion of eating fried fat, I was a happy street food eater.

Fritura Dominicana, 5th and Hunting Park, 215 307 5565



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