Little Baby’s Ice Cream Knows How to Combine Sriracha and Earl Grey

The list of flavor combos was the first thing that made me dying to test out Little Baby’s Ice Cream (Balsamic Banana, Grilled Peach and Mint, EARL GREY SRIRACHA, Vegan Coconut Tea). The second was their means of ice cream dispensing- a tricycle. And then there is the name and the logo, too freakin cute. So far, Little Baby’s  serves their handmade ice cream at various city wide events and delivers small shipments to  Green Aisle grocer, so their elusiveness further adds to the appeal. I tracked them down like a hungry lion.

Scoops are $2 each. It was easy to pass on the yerba mate, I brought some of the real stuff back from Argentina for my mom and she declared it tastes like a doormat, so now it’s ruined for me. I had one scoop of the bourbon bourbon vanilla and one scoop of the earl grey sriracha. The vanilla is a great version of a classic, but as a bourbon lover, I could have handled even more bourbon. The early grey sriracha was what I was most excited to try. I love both early grey and sriracha, but the combination is nothing I could ever dream up. Earl grey can sometimes get a little too cologne-ish from the bergamot, but the flavor was not overpowering here.  The sriracha element is just a mild heat throughout the cool, creamy ice cream. Why have I not consumed more spicy ice cream?

The peanut butter maple tarragon was too melty to be served while I was there but I was spoon fed a little taste of it and it was very groovy. Somehow the stream of crazy combos are kept subtle which makes them work. And as an added bonus, both the fellow and lady who served up my Little Baby’s were easy on the eyes…

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