Order the Shawarma at Sahara Grill

A while back I visited Sahara Grill for a late night meal and I went back for lunch to see if my hazy memory of excellent shawarma was accurate or completely off. Sahara Grill serves your standard Middle Eastern food. I was tempted to get a side of baba gannouj, but I had just made an eggplant dip at home, and didn’t feel like adding another $4 to my  lunch. Luckily the shawarma sandwich was all I needed.

Stick with the classic shawarma here, made with a lamb-beef combo.  The strips of charred meat come wrapped in a thin pita with lettuce, onion, tomato and a coating of tahini. Sahara Grill does an amazing job seasoning the meat. The way the flavor enveloped my mouth was less awesome as the day went on, but I am never going to be one to chose my food based on the resulting breath.

As further proof that the shawarma is the thing to get, the shish kabob meat was decent, but not nearly as good- less flavor, more dry. Especially for lunch purposes, the $12 entrees are unnecessary, the sandwiches are the perfect size for your mid day meal.

Sahara Grill, 1334 Walnut St (@ Juniper St), 215-985-4155



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