Lunch Links (The “Which AYCE Sushi is best?” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Helen Jane Hearn at Serious Eats

  • So cute! Using office supplies as dinner party accessories [Serious Eats]
  • Xochitl’s veggie burger/torta is M&C’s new favorite [Mac&Cheese]
  • Aki comes out on top for Table Matter’s All You Can Eat Sushi Challenge [Table Matters]
  • For $15, Two Eat Philly do a ¬†University City Dining Day at Sang Kee [Two Eat Philly]
  • Did anyone attend the Sandwich Safari Finals yesterday? [CBS Local]



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    I loved Aoi before it became Aki. Aoi, all you can eat, any day… last I heard Aki was only on Sun and Mon?? I”m not sure but I heard Sun and Mon is when restaurant serve left over stuff. I have no problem with left over, as long as it’s cheaper.

    I haven’t been to Aki but Aoi had a real sushi rice, you can taste the flavor in the rice, it wasn’t just rice. And the bathroom is ussually stuff with rice… they tend to give A LOT of rice…

    Mixx, that place use to be awesome but it just keep going downhill.

    hmm maybe I’ll check out Ajia.

    For my all you can eat sushi I got to two places. Minado in norristown,pa or Tomo in glassboro,nj. Minado lunch is worth it, the dinner is too expensive for me.

    Tomo all you can eat offers something most places don’t, more side options (salad, shumai, spring rolls). I like to get the kani salad and the spicy kani salad. And I like their smoke salamon.

  • Ajia was my goto sushi while I was at Penn. It always became a competitive-eating-fest when a bunch of us went. You should know that they will charge you the price of the sushi rolls that you order and do not eat, so be prepared to play the game. Haven’t been there in a while though as the last time we went, they claimed that one of the guys who did not do all-you-can-eat took a roll when he actually didn’t. Situation got kinda bad when we asked to see this footage of him taking one so that we could prove them wrong and not get charged the fee. They wouldn’t show us the footage… I don’t think they are actually recording.

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      That is crazy!! Did the guy had to pay even though they didn’t show the video?

      • After discussing/arguing with them for a while we told them they have 10 minutes to show us the footage or they have no right to add the fee. They kept waffling saying stuff like the camera was next door (BS). So when the time was up (they were wasting our time and he did not eat the sushi), we just left the cash for the meal excluding the fine on the table and walked out. The lady kinda chased after us out the door saying we were not paying in full for the meal, threatening to call the cops. And that was that.

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    hahah awesome.

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