Zavino’s Pizza Pies for Lunch

When Zavino first opened, there was no lunch service. But as of 2 months ago, lucky for us, they open at 11 with an all-day menu. Unfortunately, only one of the pizzas fall below the $10 range. So lunching here you can chose the $9 meatless, cheese-less option, but it is probably worth spending a few extra dollars to get the fancy  toppings. The pizzas are almost too big for one person, but too small for 2 people to share; probably the best scenario would be having 3 people to share 2 pizzas.

Zavino boasts a lovely wine and beer menu. I love the decor at Zavino; sliding blackboards, exposed wine racks, and wood everywhere. Just watch out not to sit too close to the hot oven. Other pluses,  the staff is amazing here and the pizza is served pretty fast.

I had to have the Sorpressata. They keep it real local with Claudio’s mozzarella. I wish we were given more than teases of the top-notch cheese. Potent black olives and addictive pickled onion join the mix. I liked the salty meat and olives and the sharpness of the unexpected pickled element.

Whether the pizza is topped with veal meatballs, sausage, or one of the changing specials, you will probably be impressed. Due to its bold flavors, I recommend the Sorpressata above  the others- as long as you love salt. It is obvious that all the ingredients are fresh and chosen to balance each pizza. Whoever is working the oven is not afraid of a little burn;  the smokey darkened air bubbles add another dimension to the flavor and texture of each pizza.  The antipasti and veggies available are always inventive preparations of beautiful ingredients. In past trips here, however, I found that the portion sizes were almost too small to enjoy. So stick to the pizza for the best bang for your buck.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Every now and then I like a lunch in a classy environment
  • Only the best ingredients top these pizzas

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Too much money for lunch!
  • Small portions on the side dishes are frustrating

Zavino, 112 S 13th St (@ Sansom), 215 732 2400



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