Cardamom Berry Parfait from Grocery

I am really intrigued by Grocery, the gourmet deli/market on 13th St, so it was unfortunate that I had just eaten when I finally decided to walk in. I tried to avert my eyes as I passed the sandwiches and by- the- pound buffets because I knew I didn’t have it in me. But I did stop at the refrigerated shelves of desserts and paused at the container of Cardamom and Mixed Berry Shortcake Parfait. I just liked the sound of that too much to resist.

The parfait came in a large plastic cup and cost $3.95. While conceptually awesome, the execution was a bit off because of the excessive addition of coconut. Now, I really do not like coconut in my desserts ever, but I even asked a coconut- in- desserts loving friend to try the parfait, and she agreed that it was distracting both with the flavor and texturally. The subtle cardamom, blueberries, and whipped cream otherwise harmoniously slathered around the shortcake. My intrigue of Grocery has not diminished, I will be returning in the very near future to try out their lunches.

Grocery,  105 S 13th St  (@ Chestnut St), 215-922-5252


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