It is Definitely Frozen Hot Chocolate Weather

With 3 locations around the city, the sweet treats at Naked Chocolate Cafe are easy to access. While the teas, hot coffee drinks, and hot chocolate (yum!) dominate the menu, there are some warm weather friendly items- like the frozen hot drinking chocolate.

The frozen hot chocolates have more of a pudding texture than I expected. One serving is quite large and they are very rich, you might need to share.  As in the hot drinking chocolate on Naked’s menu, flavors come in classic and aztec, and they also have a mocha and fruit blend not found in the hot chocolate. The Aztec is great choice because the addition of the spices nutmeg, cardamon, cinnamon, and cloves, provide a layered, multi-note experience. I love chocolate, but I love it more when combined with other textures and flavors, especially flavors that match and enhance the chocolate flavor. This is a decedent little treat, perhaps best saved for a completely horrid day when you need some cheering up.

Or if the heat isn’t bothering you, the sipping chocolate drinks (not to be confused with the regular hot chocolates) are ridiculously rich. This is for super chocolate lovers only.

Naked Chocolate Cafe,  21 South 18th St, 3421 Walnut St, 1317 Walnut St


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