Trying Duck Chili for the First Time

No Profiled Luncher Today because nobody volunteered, that makes me sad. I love reading your recommendations. I hope you guys start emailing me ( and volunteering yourselves to be profiled soon, or I might just cry.

Instead, I want to share a dish that 12th Cantina in Reading Terminal just starting serving this weekend- Duck Chili.

I have never heard of such a thing, it is a cool idea. The duck flavor didn’t jump out at me, but it didn’t taste like regular beef chili either. I think if I concentrated really hard, I could taste the duck. The chili was flavored really well, it was tangy and spicy. 12th St Cantina just starting serving this, and may not continue, so if you check it out and like it- let them know.

12th St Cantina, 12th and Arch St, 215-625-0321



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    Jamie, I posted something about this on YELP to all my fellow Yelpers because I love the Tuesday Midtown Luncher profiles!

    - Former Midtown Lunch-er, Erin

  • Duck always piques my interest… but if the chili just masks the duck flavors, I’m not so sure about it. I’m still curious to try it though.

  • Come on Philly. Show ML show LOVE.
    Def. hope people will come out to be profiled.
    No making Jamie cry! *peel more onions*

    Never had it before. Duck chili sounds interesting!!

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