Ron’s Saucy Chicken and Ribs

Ron’s Ribs is a little smoke filled spot that also happens to be Al Roker’s favorite in Philly. It is a no-frills- small menu kind of place that knows how to barbecue.  A few small tables are inside, but if the weather permits, you and your lungs are much better off sitting at the outdoor table in the fresh air. I was a little sad when I found out he was all out of pulled pork for the day, but all was forgiven when I sampled the other barbecued specialties.

Clearly, an order of Ron’s Ribs was required.  An order of the pork variety is under $10. I liked that spice and vinegar were the predominant flavors of the bbq sauce, while sweetness was a secondary note. The meaty ribs were not completely falling off the bone- the slightest amount of  gnawing is required, but that’s the way I prefer it. It feels more satisfying to sink my teeth into something.

The half-chicken portion is really big, there is so much meat to pick off. This is some of the most moist bbq style chicken I have had. Generally, at any meal,  the pork will outshine any chicken for me. But Ron’s chicken went beyond my expectations and stood its ground as an equal to the ribs.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Ron knows how to bbq his ribs and chicken
  • The spicy bbq sauce is so good, you can’t help but lick it off your fingers
  • This is the kind of small, neighborhood family restaurant that feels good to patronize

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Cough, cough, it can get really smokey in there
  • While the dinner platters come with two sides, the regular bbq items would be a much better value if they each came with one side
  • The rib portion could have been bigger
  • Cash only

Ron’s Ribs, 1627 South St (@  16 St), 215-732-3561



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