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Get 30% Off Mozza 2 Go: It's the moment everybody has been waiting for!!!  The return of the 30% off Blackboard Eats coupon for Mozza 2 Go. Best part?  No purchase necessary!  Do it.  Do it.  (You have until Friday at 8am to get the passcode.)

Get 30% Off Ludo’s Parisian: Curious about the new Ludo Parisian Sandwich at Gram & Papa's downtown, but didn't want to spend $10.50 for a ham and cheese sandwich? Today's Blackboard Eats deal gets you 30% off breakfast or lunch at G&P. No purchase necessary, and the deal code is good until August- but you have to sign up for it before the end of today.

50% off Ethiopian Buffet: My Ethiopian lunch at Rosalind's on Fairfax last month was perfectly good, but left me bummed we didn't check out Rahel's $9 lunch buffet across the street. Now I can, and for 50% off. Today's Living Social deal is a $30 gift certificate at Rahel, for only $15. The only catch is you have to use the coupon on one visit, so you'll need to round up 2 other friends.