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Blink and You’ll Miss Lahore Deli’s Gutbomb Lunch

If you work in Soho the options for finding the Midtown Lunch trifecta (cheap, filling and slightly gross) are limited. Tucked into a tiny space on Crosby St. (nr. Houston) next to the Housing Works store is Lahore Deli. It’s nearly out of bounds, and I didn’t even know it existed until I heard about its reliably good food. It is a lunch’er’s dream with its selection of curries and Indian and Pakistani foods. After eating so many disappointing Indian steam table lunches, would this finally be a good one? Read more »

Downtown Lunch: Lahore Pakistani Fast Food

Midtown workers shouldn’t have all the fun, so to even the score, I’ve brought on Daniel Krieger as an official Downtown Lunch Correspondent to write up some of the tasty stuff you can get in the lower half of Manhattan. He’s a great photographer (insuring good food porn), but more importantly he is a lover of cheap, unique and delicious eats (or as I like to call it- Midtown Lunch’ish food.) This week, I’m particularly curious about this Pakistani “Hamburger”

Downtown Lunch: Lahore

If you’re walking up Crosby to Houston and you blink, you’ll miss Lahore, where according to the take out menu you can, “Feel the taste of East.” Personally I feel like their name and slogan may have gotten mixed up with a shady massage parlor, but I went in anyway on the recommendation of a friend who frequents this Pakistani Cabbie Stand.

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