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Wafels & Dinges Now Has A Permanent Home:

In case you missed it yesterday, Wafels & Dinges opened the doors of a brick and mortar location in the East Village. It’s out of bounds of our downtown coverage area, but since many of you are fans, we figured it was worth a mention. Perhaps snag yourself a wafel from their cart at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge in celebration?

Your Head Luncher Will Be Running Away For A Couple Of Days:

In case you ever wondered where the calories in all of the lunches featured on Downtown Lunch go, the answer is: Marathon training. There won’t be any posts up for a couple of days this week as I will be using energy from all of that street meat and sandwiches (and then some) to fuel me during today's Boston Marathon. Never fear though, I will be limping my way to lunch again by mid-week!

S’MAC Offers Winter Discount: All location of mac’ and cheese emporium S’MAC are offering a 20% off winter discount for all customers until March 19 (before, it was only if you lived in the neighborhoods of the three locations). You have to ask for the discount, and it’s only good on eat in or pick up orders, not deliveries. You can check this out at the kiosk in the park at 1st Ave. & East Houston St.

Frites N Meats, Bob & Jo In Soho: It's Belgian waffle day in the FiDi with Wafels & Dinges at 60 Wall, while Mexico Blvd., Mike N Willie's, Munchie Mobile, Rickshaw and Valducci's are at the WFC lot. Soho has Frites N Meats at Hudson & King and Bob & Jo at Varick & Vandam.

Korilla’s Back In Soho: Your Twitter Tracker today has Cinnamon Snail at Wall & Water, Taim, Phil's Steaks, Eddie's Pizza, and Souvlaki GR at the WFC lot, Tribeca Taco's at Water & John, Bob & Jo's at Hanover Sq., The Squeeze is at W. Broadway & Duane. In Soho, Sweetery's at Hudson & King, Gorilla Cheese is at Hudson & Charlton, Rickshaw's at Hudson & Houston, Fishing Shrimp's at Varick & Charlton and Korilla's at Varick & Vandam.  

Get Cheap Food At Kimchi Taco Truck: Your truck options to start the week include Schnitzel & Things at Hudson & King, and Mac Truck's at Varick & Vandam. Meanwhile, the Twitter Tracker also has Hibachi Heaven, Kimchi Taco (with $1/$5 specials to celebrate its new menu), Nuchas, Shorty's, and Chinese Mirch at the WFC lot.

Mac Truck’s On Front St.: On your Friday Twitter Tracker...Frites N Meats is at Hanover Sq., Mac Truck's on Front St. btw. Wall & Gouverneur, Milk Truck's at Wall & William and the WFC lot has Mexicue, Schnitzel & Things, Toum, Morris Truck and Big D's Grub and the Squeeze is at W. Broadway & Duane.  More uptown you have Wafels & Dinges at Varick & King,  Taim at Varick & Vandam and Eddie's Pizza at Hudson & King.