Cheap Japanese Standby Niko Niko Spawning On John St.

Niko Niko on Pearl St. (at Wall) is a little bit grubby, even on the outside, but always a good standby for cheap noodle soup, sushi or bento boxes. It was a surprise to walk down John St. and see a gleaming new location of a familiar name on the block between Pearl and Water streets. There weren’t any signs in the windows of the original telling of an imminent closing, so this is either a second location or they’re a while away from opening and aren’t letting customers know yet. Regardless, this is a nice alternative if Mooncake Foods or the deli next door aren’t cutting it come lunch time.


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  • I’m a Niko Niko fan and have been for years. Delivery is fast, their sushi better than most and their cold and hot noodle soups (try their Oden soup on a cold day…not on the menu, you gotta ask for it) are excellent.

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