Pulled Pork Is Amped Up By Its Sauce At The You Got Smoked Truck

It’s been hard to track down the You Got Smoked truck since it was spotted in the Financial District back in December. They aren’t great about posting their location on Twitter and I refuse to wander the neighborhood on the off chance I’ll find a certain truck. Long story short: I happened upon them at Water and Wall streets on Friday and as it turned out, I was in need of lunch. While I was not wowed by my lunch, there were some high points.

There are sandwiches, platters and a handful of sides such as mac’ and cheese, fries, corn on the cob and braised kale with ham hocks. Among the proteins were pulled pork, smoked chicken, shredded beef and portobello mushroom for the vegetarian who was forced to eat at this truck by their meat-eating co-worker. The sandwiches mostly hover between $7 and $8 while the platters are $9 to $10 and come with one side.

I ordered a pulled pork platter with braised kale on the side ($9.50). Soon enough my food was handed to me and I headed to the atrium on Wall St. where I’ve been enjoying lunch on cold and wet days. When I opened my container I was dismayed to see a mound of coleslaw, another mound of pulled pork, and no kale. Where was my kale? I’m not sure, but I was a little annoyed that I paid nearly $10 for some pork, a piece of Texas toast underneath it, and some coleslaw.

The good news here is the pulled pork + sauce was great. The sauce had a little bit of a mustardy flavor and seemed homemade rather than the overly-sweet too muchness of many BBQ offerings I’ve encountered in eating for this site. I also liked the Texas toast, which was soaked with meat juice and sauce and bulked up the meal a little bit. Otherwise I would have been hungry again in 20 minutes.

I’m sure the missing/mixed up side wasn’t intentional, but since there were only a couple of people in line ahead of me, and my order was placed on an iPad and not just shouted at the guy preparing the food, I was annoyed. I did like the pulled pork and the sauce that came on it, though. Next time I’d go for a sandwich instead and save myself a couple of bucks.

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