Lovely Day: A Charming Lunch Spot With An Irish Breakfast Hangover Helper

When looking at the menu of Lovely Day on Elizabeth St. (btw. Spring & Prince), you may wonder if you’re seeing things. A full Irish breakfast is listed, along with Thai noodle dishes and Japanese ginger fried chicken. Oh, and there’s also a burger. When you combine that with the old-timey interior that reminded me of a French cafe, it’s doubly confusing. What is this place? 

Many of the dishes on the lunch menu are less than $10, and you can get breakfast until 3 p.m. There are two lunch sets – one including a noodle dish, dumplings and edamame, the other that ginger fried chicken with rice – for $10 or less. I decided to get the breakfast route, because I can’t remember any other time I’ve seen an Irish breakfast ($8) on a menu.

You get two eggs cooked to your liking, beans in tomato sauce, a slice of multi-grain bread, and two links of Irish-style sausage. It’s not a breakfast fit for a lumberjack, but it’s fine if you’re just going back to sit at your desk for the afternoon. There were two things I appreciated about my meal: that my fried eggs were cooked exactly how I had ordered them, and the sausages had a nice crust on them from the griddle which nicely offset the soft, mild innards. If you’re used to American pork sausage, this is not that, but it was tasty and fatty and nicely offset the beans.

Really, my only complaint about my plate of food was that I could have used one more slice of toast for scooping up the beans, but I’m sure I could have asked for an extra.

The next time you go out for lunch and one person wants breakfast, another wants Thai and still another wants a burger, perhaps Lovely Day should be your destination.

Lovely Day, 196 Elizabeth St. (btw. Spring & Prince streets), (212) 925-3310


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