Forsake Chipotle For Tauro’s Cheaper Steam Table Lunch

Working in Hudson Square can be hard if you don’t want to spend and arm and a leg on lunch. Options are mostly limited to chains like Pret a Manger, Dig Inn and Chipotle and I see too many people carting around bags from the latter.

I think a lot of people aren’t willing to walk a few blocks further down Hudson St. to Tauro Restaurant which seems to have at least prettied up its outside if not inside since I was last there. The best part? They have a steam table with several options and you can be in and out with your lunch in 5 minutes. 

They don’t have anything labeled on the steam table so you just have to ask what some of the things are since it’s mostly stewed meats that are hard to identify unless they’re chicken. The day I was there these were the options, although you can also order something off the menu and wait for them to make it if there’s nothing that trips your trigger.

I ended up going for the old standby of roast pork with yellow rice and black beans. This isn’t quite the gut-busting portion of nearby Westside Coffee Shop, but for $8 I was definitely full. The generous portion of pork was super savory and reminded me of really good roast turkey from Thanksgiving. It wasn’t dry at all and also wasn’t full of fat like I’ve found at some places. In other good news, the yellow rice was well-cooked (you can also get white rice or plantains and salad) and I liked how the black beans were carefully ladled over the top and then another spoonful of broth was poured over for extra flavor.

So maybe one day forsake the Chipotle burrito for a little steam table fare from Tauro. Your mouth and wallet will thank you.

Tauro Restaurant, 284 Hudson St. (btw. Dominick & Spring), (212) 206-8530 


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