Overcoming Diso’s Overwhelming Sandwich Menu Isn’t Easy

When Diso’s Sandwich Society truck debuted downtown in June and then decamped to Midtown before I got a chance to try their food, I was disappointed but assumed they would come back to the Financial District. I was mostly wrong (they have come back a couple of times although not regularly), but on Wednesday I noticed on Twitter that they would be at Varick & Charlton. This was finally my chance to stuff my face with an Italian sandwich from a truck!

Did I mention that Diso’s menu is, uh…lengthy? Before I’d even sampled my food I had a gripe, and that was that the menu is too damn long. I felt so much pressure with a line of people behind me to pick something, anything, and so I went with a classic cold cut combo of mortadella, capicola and salami with provolone, cherry tomato, fresh basil and a balsamic glaze on rustic Italian bread. In addition to the cold cut sandwiches you can get combinations involving prosciutto, vegetables, chicken cutlets, porchetta, sopresatta and so on with variations of vegetables, breads and cheeses. It was a bit overwhelming if you were just hungry and had no idea what kind of sandwich sounded good.

I got a half sandwich of the “Bugsy” ($8) which was plenty large enough although you can also get a full hero or your choice of toppings on focaccia bread. Again, so many choices! The first thing I noticed was the amount of cold cuts meaning there was a lot, and somehow the provolone had been forgotten so it was only a pile of meat with little else to break up the monotony. There were a few halved cherry tomatoes and the fresh basil, but I could have used a bit more vegetal crunch of balsamic glaze because it was just a lot of fatty meat between bread.

Perhaps the hot sandwiches are the way to go at Diso’s since the couple I saw being made looked really tasty. What would you all recommend ordering from this truck?

Diso’s Italian Sandwich Society Truck, location can be found on Twitter



  • Lefty luie, Fat Pete and joey shakes are all good, though I always maintain you can do much better sandwichwisein the outer burroughs–both size and quality, if you go to Sal kris and charlies or graham avenue deli….I have not tried their hot food.

  • Not impressed with the eggplant. Made earlier in the day, it was rather limp once put on a sandwich at 1 PM.

    I’ve got a friend who is rather offended at any association between Italian-Americans and organized crime. Diso’s might want to re-think the names of some of their sandwiches.

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