Has Anyone Seen The Halal Gyro Express Cart?

It’s sometimes hard to keep track of all the halal carts downtown – especially in the Financial District where they are fairly rampant. Yet, there are a few popular ones that serve things other than the lamb/chicken/falafel trinity that are easier to notice if they’re missing.

These reasons made it easy to spot the halal cart with a generic menu that was parked where Halal Gyro Express has been for at least a couple of years, at William St. and Maiden Lane. You may know this as the cart that added Afghani food to their lineup, including real lamb. They also have some pretty great falafel.

I don’t know where they’ve gone, but please come back Halal Gyro Express! The neighboring Biryani House cart is great and all, but it’s no bargain lamb.

Has anyone spotted this cart somewhere else in the downtown area?


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