Roti Mediterranean Grill Opening Next Week

roti grill wrap

You can get items such as the above when Roti Mediterranean Grill opens on Monday. Tip of the hat to Lunch’er Daniel who sent in the tip that the latest chain spot at Pearl St. & Pine is doing employee training today and over the weekend, and will open on Monday (no word on what time, but we will update when we find out). The place is a Mediterranean take on what seems like a million variations of lunch spots where you choose a rice plate, pita sandwich or salad with a choice of protein or vegetables, etc.

Look for a review early next week and view this another option when the line at Chipotle down the street is a little out of control.


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    I was among the lucky chosen to receive an email from Roti announcing their pre-opening training event. Free food and drink, so of course I went (I confess it’s been a dream of mine to finally make it to one of these things for years…I may have a frugality problem).

    I went with their salad base (the container is the size of a dinner plate) and topped it off with chicken kabob (recommended by the staff for its moistness and echoed by this reviewer), cous-cous, feta cheese & dressed with Roti vinaigrette. This meal would normally be $8.45, but since this was fairy-tale day and everything was up for grabs AND free, I added a side of falafel (3 pieces, normally $2.50) and topped my salad with their tomato/cucumber salad mix (which would normally be an extra $0.50). They included a fountain drink as well.

    I skipped their delicious looking pita (wedding in 3 months…) and didn’t think the sauces were quite what I was looking for on my salad. I regret not asking to taste the sauces because the gentleman who applied the vinaigrette must have given one shake on one piece of cous-cous since I never tasted it or saw evidence that it existed.

    The salad would have been filling enough even without my little extras, making this a viable lunch option under the $10 ML ceiling. I’ve been known to eat half a large pie and 8 buffalo wings for dinner and STILL be looking for dessert so I think I can safely say that this should satisfy most people. I can only imagine how filling their rice plates would be!

    The feta cheese was nice, the tomato/cucumber mix was very fresh and their falafels had a nice crisp exterior with a flavorful and moist interior (good seasoning).

    They also have a rewards app – you sign up through email or Facebook after downloading the app and whenever you make a purchase, just take a picture of the receipt. It records your purchases and stores the rewards points for your account via that picture taken with the app. When you sign up to be in the Mobile rewards program you receive an offer for a free order of hummus or falafel after submitting your first receipt.

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