A Revisit To Peep Yields An Interesting Take On Fried Rice

Some days, lunchtime goes awry and the place I want to go eat at is closed or no longer exists. The latter happened to me earlier this week, so when I walked past Peep on Prince St. (btw. Thompson & Sullivan) and remembered how good and cheap their Thai food was a couple of years ago I went inside to give the place a second go. You may know Peep as the place where you get an entree and appetizer for $8 or $9 at lunch, and this time my choices contained a win and a loss.

If you’re not familiar with Peep you get a choice of several entrees that include curries, sauteed dishes with rice, and noodles along with some other options that may be more than $10. The best part is the choice of appetizer that includes dumplings, semolina fritters and a bunch of other things that go above and beyond the usual soup/salad/spring roll options.

Because I was feeling a little unhealthy after a dual Thanksgiving dinner weekend, I went with the saffron turmeric fried rice with tofu ($8), and grilled vegetables as my appetizer. I don’t know what happened to¬† my vegetables, but they didn’t really appear to be grilled, and we covered in some sort of cheesy creamy substance. I would strongly caution you against ordering this and going with the dumplings or more safe options.

The fried rice was much more of a success. It tasted of curry powder and was studded with fresh mushroom, cubes of tofu, some egg and a few bits of scallion and carrot. It wasn’t overly greasy, and was a good portion (although the picture makes it look smaller than it is).

If I were to do it over again, I’d stick to the more basic items at Peep as I remember the noodles being a bit tastier than the turmeric fried rice. And I learned a valuable lesson: Dumplings should always be chosen over vegetables.

Peep, 177 Prince St. (btw. Thompson & Sullivan) (212) 254-7337


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