M&O Market Makes A Mean Roast Beef Sandwich

It’s been awhile since I’ve eaten a good deli sandwich so when the opportunity presented itself to check out M&O Market & Deli on Thompson St. (at Prince), I took it. This place is an old school bodega with a deli counter hidden in the back, and that’s where you want to head. You’ll notice a board with the usual Boar’s Head options, but you may want to see what the house roasted special of the day is. Some days they do turkey, others pork loin or meatloaf, but when I was there is was a giant hunk of rare roast beef resting in the deli case.

There’s a certain order to do things once you get to the deli counter. Pro tip: Turn around and pick your bread of choice from the case behind you (seen at the left in the above photo) and then hand that to one of the guys to make your sandwich. The roasted meats vary by price and bread choice but I got mine on a kaiser roll with hot peppers and their recommended balsamic truffle glaze for $6.80. If you want it on a hero it’s $2 more.

I appreciated the amount of meat packed in here and since it was hand carved when I ordered it there was plenty of juice to soak into the bun. That along with the balsamic glaze and delicious hot pepper juices kept this from being dry, but many of you would probably choose to add cheese to this which would also solve the problem. I’d definitely go back to check out the roast turkey, or the Portugese chorizo. They seem to have a thing for Portugal at M&O as there was also a sign on the deli case touting the “cheeses of Portugal.”

Really, this is probably a step above most delis serving sandwiches that you’re going to find, and a bonus in this part of Soho where the cheap eats are few and far between.

M&O Market & Deli, 124 Thompson St. (at Prince), (212) 477-8222


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