A Double From Nio’s Trinidad Roti Makes A Good Snack

Sometimes you’re in search of something to tide you over until dinner, or maybe you just don’t want to eat a giant roti for lunch. In that case, might I suggest a double from Nio’s Trinidad Roti truck? At $2 it’s an economical choice and you’ll get one handed to you in swift fashion with the only question whether you want it spicy or not.

Nio’s seems to have staked out its spot at Water between Pine & Maiden Lane, apparently co-existing with the Veronica’s Kitchen cart across the plaza on Front St. Getting back to the double, I am no expert on what makes a good one, but this was pretty tasty. You get some coco bread, stuffed with curried chickpeas and a little bit of hot sauce. Much like the roti I  asked for with hot sauce, this was pretty light on the spiciness. They seem to not make their food really spicy, but maybe my tolerance level is skewed.

I think we can all be happy that there’s a source of doubles in the Financial District, and I look forward to trying some other items from Nio’s.

Nio’s Trinidad Roti Truck, Water St. between Maiden Lane & Pine


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    I have tried the doubles twice and enjoyed it both times. The first time I asked for lite pepper and the second for pepper and haven gotten any but that’s a small thing the overall taste was good. I also got currents roll, sugar cake, kumar, channa. All the things I love to snack on. My friend got the chicken boneless roti and he told me he enjoyed it.

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