Our Heros Truck Comes To Wall St., Proves No Theme Is Too Strange

Midtown contributor Brian wrote in yesterday to tell me about a new truck called Our Heros that he spotted at Wall St. & Water. The menu is salads and hot and cold hero sandwiches, but the kicker is that the workers are dressed in military regalia! The word is that they’ll be in the Financial District permanently (unless they take someone’s spot). A look at the non-patriotic menu after the jump.

I’d have to say that the eggplant and meatball sandwiches sound nice. Brian said that he “tried the meatball slider and it was pretty darn good.” On the salad side of the menu there are three options of toasted sesame crusted goat cheese, beets and cheese, and vegetables and ginger. At $7, they’re cheaper than the chopped salad places. Let us hope though that this doesn’t start a trend of trucks serving nothing but salad.

Our Hero truck, find their location on Twitter



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