Look To Fiat Cafe For Cheap Italian Sandwiches

There are so many small cafes in Soho that it’s hard to distinguish which of them could possibly have food that’s not expensive without scouring their menus. I recently saw a couple of reviews of sandwiches at Fiat Cafe on Mott St. (nr. Spring) on Serious Eats and while the visuals didn’t blow my mind, the prices were pretty unbelievable for the neighborhood. It’s pretty rare to find a great, filling sandwich here for less than a 10 spot, but Fiat Cafe’s top out at $7.50 – even the ones with meat on them! I could definitely get behind this place.

This is a tiny cafe, as is the case with most places in this area. I would recommend either eating in or calling ahead to order so you’re not stuck awkwardly standing in the precious square feet not taken up by tables. That being said, my order for a chicken avocado sandwich (the menu says $7.50, but I was charged $7 including tax) was taken and delivered in fairly quick fashion.

Inside some delicious crusty bread was a chicken breast that wasn’t dry, some avocado, several slices of asiago cheese, arugula and some sort of tomato vinaigrette. It’s a little hard to tell from the picture but this sandwich was pretty big for the price and it comes with a little salad on the side. Most of the options involve Italian cold cuts although there are also vegetarian and fancy tuna varieties. No matter what you get, it’s a bargain in a neighborhood where they are few and far between.

Fiat Cafe, 203 Mott St. (nr. Spring), (212) 969-1809



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