Donate To Street Vendors Impacted By The OWS Protests

If you’ve tried to get your fix from Sam’s Falafel or one of the halal or breakfast carts on Cedar St. at Zuccotti Park you may have said “Screw it,” once you encountered the crowds and police barricades. The vendors are still there although their customers have been whittled away since the protestors have their own (free) food source and they are all camped out where people such as myself used to eat lunch. The Street Vendor Project is trying to help the vendors in the park, and across the street lining Broadway and Liberty streets, who have seen their revenue take a dive. Find out how to help after the jump.

You can donate on the SVP site and the money will be used to buy food for the protestors from one of the nine carts that are affected. Basically you’re helping both the OWS protestors and the street vendors, so if you support what’s going on in Zuccotti Park but don’t want to actually go there, now’s your chance.



  • I support it in theory…would get behind it once they came up with an outline of what they are trying to accomplish. All the money and food and other stuffs could be going to greater causes at this point then…what is slowly turning into a pointless circus.

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    Is there a way to help the vendors without supporting the protesters?
    I would gladly donate money to help those who’s businesses are being destroyed by these worthless losers.
    Buying food from the vendors and then throwing it away would be a better than feeding these people.

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    I was really happy to donate to this as I support the vendors and OWS. The events in the park and the amazing organizing work so many are doing have been incredibly inspirational to me and many others across the country.

    And if you want to support the vendors without supporting OWS, just go over there, buy some food, and give them a really big tip.

  • I wouldn’t call these folks losers. Most of them are good people lost because of all that has happened especially with the economy. Again they have a right to protest….I just wish they would become more coherent and figure a way to get across what they hope to effect change on.

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    I think the SVP has recommended that the best way to support these vendors, if you don’t want to donate here, is to simply go eat their food.

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