Biryani House Adds Meatless Kati Roll

Despite having other meatless options in its roll arsenal, the Biryani House cart on Liberty (at Broadway) only sold two kinds of kati rolls – chicken and lamb – repurposed from their plates of street meat. Now you vegetarians have another option since they added an aloo gobi roll. I thought I’d take a break from the meat for once and try one since their chicken and lamb versions were pretty good

The roll is the same as the meaty ones except it’s filled with a mixture of potato, cabbage, lettuce, onion and some bits of green pepper along with some spicy pinkish sauce. So basically it’s like they took all the garnishes from a plate of street meat and wrapped it in paratha. I’m OK with that, but it seemed like it was missing something to make it truly awesome. There also wasn’t a ton of potato in there. Still, if you’re a vegetarian you could do a whole lot worse and it’s a nice change from falafel.

Biryani House cart, Liberty St. (at Broadway)


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