Fatty Snack Kiosk Starts Serving Us Fatty Meats Tomorrow

It looks like we’ll have to wait one more day to try the new kiosk from Fatty ‘Cue, Fatty Snack, that went in behind the World Financial Center by the marina. A big thanks to Lunch’er Tom who snapped some pictures and wrote in to say he tried to eat there today but they said they were “having some difficulties”, and are planning to start serving us delicious meats tomorrow. What kinds of deliciousness do you have to look forward to? Menu straight ahead.

The menu is short and sweet including a Fatty dog for $7, pulled pork sandwich with pickled slaw for $9 and ribs for $12 along with salads and some lemongrass ginger iced tea. Yes, it’s a little expensive, but the prices aren’t any worse than those of its neighbor, Ed’s Lobster Bar.

Fatty Snack kiosk, behind the World Financial Center nr. Vesey St.


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