Diwan E Khaas Location Closed For Renovations

One of the three locations of steam table Indian standby Diwan E Khaas is closed for renovations. A note on the S. William St. shop directs you to the other two locations on Nassau St. (at Maiden Lane) and Cedar St. (btw. William & Pearl). I would like to note that although Diwan E Khaas is (supposedly) only closed for renovations, a Subway across the street is permanently shuttered.



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    I’ve had delivery from the financial district spot a couple of times. The curries are bland and tasteless, and the chicken has weird bits of gristle in it.

    On the bright side, it didn’t make me sick, and the naan was pretty good.

    It takes more than not actually being poisonous to make my list of recommended delivery spots, so I say stay away.

    I don’t know of any good indian delivery in the southern financial district. Unfortunately choices are slim.

  • The only thing good out of this place was the naan. Everything else is overpriced and watered down.

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