Cook House Truck Seen In FiDi With Its Latin Vegan Food

I was wandering way down in the FiDi yesterday and spotted a truck called Cook House parked on Hanover at Water. A guy out front was handing out samples of (wait for it) vegan empanadas. Oh yeah, did I mention they serve “Latin Vegan food”?  Check out the menu after the jump.

The truck is an offshoot of Brooklyn’s V Spot Cafe, and people seemed to be into the healthy eating option because there was a line. Or maybe they were just like me and got all excited when they saw the words empanada and rice and beans (which they were out of). They also have a somewhat random menu of summer rolls, veggie burritos, veggie burgers, a ”chicken parm” that just sounds wrong and something involving curried kale. Everything is between $3 and $6, so you could definitely get a sort of filling meal for under $10. If you were one of those who ate here on Wednesday, first impressions are welcome in the comments.


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