Mexicue Making Weekly FiDi Stop

I saw this too late in the day to alert everyone, but lunch’er Deep wrote in to say that he ate at the newish Mexicue truck when it was parked at Water & Broad yesterday and found out they’ll be at that location every Thursday. (You might want to check out their location on Twitter). Midtown has already weighed in on this Mexi-BBQ fusion and deemed most of it good despite the long lines and higher prices that have become a standard of this kind of truck. Find out what he had to say about the food after the jump.

Much like lunch’ers in Midtown, he found some flaws in the food:

Short rib taco was good, nice flavor. Chorizo was OK- a little salty. I’m not sure what kind of cheese blend it was (on their site they list it as goat-feta cheese?!?), but it tasted over-salty–makes sense if there’s chorizo on it. If it was queso fresco it’d be better, I think.

Pulled pork slider was sold out by the time I got there, so I ordered the BBQ brisket slider. It had avocado and slaw on it, but it had very little flavor. Could have been under seasoned. Kind of a mess to eat.
Overall, I’m not sure how it falls under the Midtown Lunch value: tacos are $3 (each!), sliders are $4.
They have a burnt ends brisket taco coming that sounds good. I’d go back to try the chicken, and get the short rib again…and the pulled pork if it were available.
And there you have it. Personally, I think I’d rather just do a little subway lunch up to Calexico for a burrito.



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