Downtown Well-Represented In NY Mag Best Sandwiches List

There’s a list on the NY Mag site today of the top 101 sandwiches in the city, and the downtown area did not come up short. Sadly, I’ve only reviewed two of the top sandwiches: the sesame pancake with beef from Vanessa’s Dumpling House in Chinatown came in at No. 99, and the oyster po’boy from Cheeky Sandwiches was ranked No. 73. Sandwiches from other places I’ve been meaning to check out like Farinella Italian Bakery in Tribeca,  Despana in Soho and Chinatown’s Banh Mi Saigon were also included. The sloppy bao from Baoguette made an appearance, but the highest ranking sandwich downtown was from Alidoro in Soho. I guess my stomach has some eating to do.


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  • List missed some of the best from the lower east side (I think): crispy pig sandwich from an choi, steak torta from barrio chino, pork belly reuben from cafe kajtka, and personally I like the pulled pork from Georgia’s eastside over the fried chicken sandwich, though the fried chicken is unique and very tasty.

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