New Burger Stand Opening Behind World Financial Center

A stand selling burgers, hot dogs and shakes called Quality Burger is apparently opening around Memorial Day at the North Cove Marina behind the WFC in Battery Park City. No word on what the full menu is, but a PR person says it will have “very reasonable prices.” Hopefully this will tide over all those people at Goldman Sachs trying to lure a Shake Shack to that area. UPDATE: Lunch’er Greg let us know that this stand is not new, but just had a name change. It used to be called Merchants BBQ, and he says it has decent burgers, but isn’t anything special.



  • aargh, and i got all excited for this. :(

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    I live near here and I do remember a similar stand from last year. This year, there’s also a lobster roll stand right next to it. Both places are a bit pricey, and I’ve only had the burgers a couple of times. I am more excited about BLT Bar & Grill in the new downtown W! I hope they deliver to Battery Park City. I’ll get some pics of these stands in the next few days.

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