Free *cough*Healthy*cough* Lunch from Energy Kitchen

Sometimes we’re faced with ethical dilemmas that rock us to the core. Today we face one of those challenges. As reported by NYC Daily Deals, Energy Kitchen (71 Nassau @ John St.) is giving out your choice of a Bison Cheesesteak Wrap, California Wrap, or Buffalo Chicken Burger with the purchase of a drink between 12 and 2 today. The question is are Midtown Lunch principles more about delicious, greasy food, or more about free shit? You decide. Freeloaders engage… with caution.



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    Just got back from this. Pretty worth it. I was afraid you had to buy some expensive health shake but any drink will do. They’re also giving out free little bags of popcorn as well as Vitamin Water. I got out with my bison wrap, a coke, popcorn, and a Vitamin water for $2 total.

    Wrap was pretty tasty with plenty of ketchup and hot sauce.

  • Hey, it’s healthier than a cheesesteak on hero though BUT there was grease all over the wrap so I question the Fat (21g) and whatever the sodium count is… :P

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