Where’s the New Nicky’s? Your Guess is as Good as Mine…

Eater reports that Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches is opening a new location “on Nassau and Ann Streets.” I wanted to be the first to bring you pictures of the new location, so I trotted right over to find me some plywood.

I found some alright. More than I knew what to do with. Just within one block of that intersection, I found fourteen available retail spaces. A few are clearly not restaurant spaces, but most could work for a downtown outpost for a city stalwart like Nicky’s. You hear that restaurateurs? The FiDi is ripe for annexation. We’re here and we’re hungry, so get down here pronto.

Which one of these storefronts is going to house the new Nicky’s? I’ve no idea. If anybody has any clues, let me know.

The are nine empty spaces just on Ann Street between William and Nassau:

Oh, Blarney Stone. You’ll be missed.

If I had to take a wild guess this seems like a good candidate for the new Nicky’s, as there’s no For Rent sign, but who knows?

There are another two on Ann Street between Nassau and Broadway:

And finally, there are even a few on Nassau:

So bring it on, all you chefs looking to expand your empires. (David Chang, I’m looking at you.) FiDi is hungry…


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