Don’t Be German: Where to Consume Your Liquid, er, Reasonably Priced & Delicious St. Paddy’s Day Lunch

St. Patrick’s Day here in New York is a thing of beauty. If you’re in possession of any Irish blood, this is the time of year it you can feel it bubbling to the point where you want to and quite often do dance in the streets, preferably after drinking copious amounts of green beer. I, however, am of German heritage. We don’t believe in fun, or saints for that matter. We believe in strict order, whether it’s in your drinking or in your work. And unfortunately, these same rules and regulations are enforced at my place of business, where bars and lunch shall not meet. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a good time, should it? Check out the list below for all the Irish pubs in the Downtown. And by “all” I mean “the ones I know about that sport something on the menu under $10.” If you don’t see the spot you’re planning to consume your liquid lunch, put it in the comments and direct the masses.


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  • Yeah, you’re right, that whole Oktoberfest thing is a sober drag. And the Catholic southern half of Germany must be faking it with that saint stuff.

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