Frites ‘n’ Meats Embraces the Financial District

The Frites n’ Meats truck will be adding the Financial District to the list of places they call home. After some permit and mechanical issues, they’re back on the streets as of Monday and according to the Downtown Twitter Tracker they’ll be trying out a new spot on Broad and Water Street today. Stop by and say hello!



  • MOTHER! after I no longer work at Broad & Water!!!

  • well, Yvo, you might want to plan to come back. You knwo who else is here on Wednesday? Wafels & Dinges! Yes! same area as the banh mi truck. I visited twice already today. once for a breakfast waffle with fresh strawberries, then again for a delicious belgian cocoa with whipped cream…. so good!

  • Man, is it too much to ask any of these guys to come further west to Liberty Plaza. Too much falafel and not enough trucks around here.

  • I’m glad I finally got to go to the Frites ‘n’ Meats truck was really worth the walk! As for Wafels & Dinges… is it bad they already know me by name?

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