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I know it’s not friday, but here’s two fun burger items for all you Downtown Lunchers: The La Cense Burger truck is on Wall Street today (btw. Water+Front) until 3pm.  And if that wasn’t enough, Grub Street is reporting that a Checkers may be opening on Chambers St. tomorrow. Enjoy!



  • to mister krieger, if you go, please get the fries.

  • Yes Mr. Krieger, please get the fries, so you can tell everyone how revolting they are. Everybody seems to love checkers fries because they are different (spiced, peppered, whatever you want to call it…). They are disgusting, and are the single reason why I will never return to a checkers again.
    If you were to squeeze the grease/oil out of one checkers fry, you would be able to cook a whole order of McDonald’s fries in that grease. Now I love me some grease, but when every fry is like taking a double shot of peanut oil, I’ll pass.

  • oh well, more fries for me then.

  • I like the Checkers “seasoned” fries the one time I ate them. I can’t say their burgers impressed me and probably why I haven’t been back to any of them in LI. I’ll willing to give it another chance though if I pass one again.

    When will there be a SONIC in NYC? Those salty tater-tots killed me but I did enjoy their SuperSONIC Cheeseburger! Not worth driving all the way into NJ though.

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    There’s a Checkers off of I-95 in the Bronx, in the Bay Plaza. I stop there pretty often when driving up to CT.

    It’s a perfectly edible fast food burger, but there’s only one reason to go to Checkers, IMO:

    Banana milkshakes.

  • I am eating a La Cense burger RIGHT NOW! mmmmmm

  • I almost went to Checkers yesterday as they were set to open at 1PM but I opted for an interesting sandwich instead which you’ll read about manana!

    I might have to check Checkers out…but honestly last time I ate there it was not memorable (but it was in an airport I do admit).

  • What the F. They come to my area… when I’m not there!

    BTW, Z, not sure you know but if you mention Daily Candy to La Cense, you get a free burger? Buy 1 get 1 free? Hold on let me check.

    A friend emailed that to me.

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