Do Downtown Vendors Get Hassled Too?

We’ve posted a ton about the troubles Midtown street vendors face every day, but from the looks of the twitter message the same feuds exist Downtown!  People’s Pops, a fairly newish vendor that specializes in popsicles made from greenmarket fruit, has gotten permission to sell their goods in Battery Park through July 20th.  But apparently even “permission” doesn’t grant you immunity from the Mr. Softee trucks. From one of the People’s Pops folks: “We haven’t been hassled, but when they come around and park illegally, it competes with us and they are definitely less expensive. Plus, those f!@#ers are under a roof! I am so over this rain!!!”  It’s kind of funny to see a hipster vendor threatening a Mr. Softee Truck… usually it’s the other way around.

They probably won’t be out today at lunch, because of the crappy weather- but Downtown Lunchers can follow their whereabouts on Twitter or on their blog.  (Nothing like a nice cool popsicle after lunch on a super hot day.)  And stay tuned for Daniel’s downtown lunch column, which will be up in just a bit…



  • Following the sad Departure of Michael Jackson it has been decided that the body will be melted down and turned into Lego Bricks so he can still play with the kids.

  • FUCK YOU, Rudy.

  • I actually wanted to try them until you said hipster… but then it IS pretty funny to think of a hipster trying to fight a Mr. Softee… he’s even crafting his weapon out of recycled goods lol

  • He may even be turned into tupperware.

    the appilications are endless…..USAF want his nose for a skunkwork prototype.

  • What’s the problem, Rudy?

    Are you a racist, or are you just simply JEALOUS of a man who could have bought and sold your worthless ass a thousand times over?

    Save your hypocritical bullshit for someone who cares.

    You are always quick to attack people whom you perceive as better than you, more educated than you, wealthier than you, more successful than you — well just about EVERYONE on the planet!

  • Just imagine the future…..those high school kids lunch boxes may actually BE michael….

    Diana Ross is happy anyway…at least the Feds will stop arresteing her by mistake.

  • Kinda ironic that DocChuck – who is dumber, uglier, poorer, and less educated than virtually anyone commenting here with the possible exception of D; and whose posts are virtually always an attack either on a person or on one’s sensibilities – is so vociferous about this perceived attack on a supposed “better”.

    Well, he’s off to his Klan meeting at the bar a mile down the street from his trailer park, so we shouldn’t hear from him for a while

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