Downtown Lunch Daniel Has a Stalker

Hazard of the job I guess… our Downtown Lunch columnist Daniel Krieger appears to have a blog-stalker.  The Feisty Foodie (who contributed the very first Downtown Lunch) has spent the past six months following Daniel around, first to vietnamese on Baxter, then there was Capri Caffe, and Sam’s Falafel.  More recently she might have been spotted in the shadows at Burger Burger, Leo’s Bagels, and the new Banh Mi Cart (which she discovered has raised their prices.  Bastards!)  Just an FYI Yvo, Daniel has a girlfriend (and I’ve met you both, and she could probably beat your ass. And mine for that matter.  And Daniels.)  Wanted to put that out there before any feelings (or faces) get hurt unnecessarily.



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