Downtown Lunch: You Don't Have to Eat at McDonald's!

No Downtown review from Daniel this week… but here are a few little tidbits that may be interesting to the Downtown Lunch’ers.

Rickshaw Dumpling Truck

The other day the New York Post reported that in order to save money, a lot of Wall Street investment banker types were eating at McDonald’s! Guys, have you not been reading Daniel Krieger’s Friday Downtown Lunch column right here on ML? You don’t need to eat at McDonald’s… there are plenty of better cheap lunch options Downtown. Sadly, though, Mangia will not be one of those options. They are closing permanently today.

On a lighter note, Daniel did send along these awesome photos of the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck which has been spending Thursdays downtown. Although in these trying economic times it’s hard to understand why anybody who works so close to Chinatown would ever spend $6 on dumplings! (Midtown Lunch’ers, on the other hand, can be a desperate lot sometimes.)

More dumpling truck┬áporn is after the jump…

Rickshaw Dumpling Truck

Rickshaw Dumpling Truck

Rickshaw Dumpling Truck
Photos by Daniel Krieger (he’s available for weddings and bar mitzvahs!)

You can track the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck on twitter.

A Proper +/- of the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck



  • all i see in that dumpling-in-sauce picture is a dollar bill dipping into soy sauce.

  • Rikshaw sucks!!!! NASTY OVERPRICED CRAP! Don’t do it!!!! Any hole in the wall take out chinese place will give you a better dumpling, for half the price!!!!

  • Hi All, i wanted to take this time to apoligize to everyone and especially Mamcita for the poor taste comments i made earlier this week. I posted an apology in today the section where it started, but not sure if she or anyone reads past articles here so i figured id post in the most recent update here today. Sorry again folks and mamcita.

  • Couldn’t agree more w/Goats – Rickshaw Dumplings are truly inedible!!

  • Only loosely related. I went to Saigon Grill on the upper, Upper Westside and tried their dumplings there. They were amazing! Well, Ok I’m not a dumpling expert. But they had a nice and thin wrapping, thinner than I’ve had before which is great because it let the insides take center stage. They were so good!

  • The pictures are great but I hear such bad things about the dumplings at Rickshaw. And Zach, the reason any of us might resort to that (I’d rather just not eat dumplings) is Chinatown is close… but far. It takes a long time to get there via public trans during a 1 hour lunch break! (I’m clearly not a Wall St. bigwig who can take as much time as I’d like.) But I do want dumplings… dammit. Dumplings! Or the gym…

  • Chinatown has some of the dumpiest holes in the wall that make better dumplings and for a cheaper price (if you dare to eat “street food”). Tasty Dumpling on 51 Mulberry Street offers several kinds of dumplings, 5 for $1.25. And fresh wonton soup for the same price. Their establishment is the most decent of the offerings avail.
    Rickshaw is okay but for $3 I can get a feast of steamed prok dumplings a block away from the office.

  • They lost me the moment I saw the word twitter

    Time wasting social networking bullshit

  • LOL Zach…I am indeed available for weddings… Bar Mitzvahs? uhhhh not so much.

    For the record I thought the dumplings at the Rickshaw cart were pretty damn tasty. They have a nice clean, fresh taste to them. Of course it’s hard to justify the $1 per dumpling when you can get them for 25c per in Ctown.

  • I’d spend $6 on dumplings… but only if I got 20+ of them for the price.

  • Call me just another average uneducated white guy, but I think the Thai Chicken dumpling is great. What else do you want? Maybe people expect too much when they do see the $6 price tag but what i see is an insurance policy against msg and cardboard in my dumplings….and isnt the chef some hot shot? They also claim that their chicken is Bell + Evans which is the same stuff Chipotle uses. All yum and no meow.

    I just wish they had the chocolate dumplings on the truck…..mmm mmmm chocolate

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