Downtown Updates: Farewell Mr. Skewer

Daniel’s weekly downtown lunch review is coming in just a bit, but he checks in with these updates to the Downtown lunching scene:

Downtown Lunch

1) Farewell Mr. Skewer we hardly knew ya. After about 2 months, and despite a glowing ML lunch review (which a friend told me they saw posted in the window of the 14th st location, but never in the downtown one for some reason), Mr. Skewer closed it’s doors this past week. That spot has turned over several times in the past few years… so either the space is cursed or the rent is too damn high. Don’t be too sad though, their gargatuan chorizo sandwich will still be available on 14th st, as their store is slated to stay open (probably because they’re the ones with our review posted…kidding!)

Two bits of good news are after the jump… 

2) Right next door from recently deceased Senor Skewer is Farinella Italian Bakery Pizza & Panini, a new hopeful lunch spot on 90 Worth Street (right off Broadway)  212-608-3222 . With barely any decent pizza spots in that area, lunchers should be optimistic about this place, slated to open in the next few weeks. The owner is an Italian rap superstar, so that might be of interest.

Downtown Lunch

3) If you’re looking for an actual bagel shop downtown with over a dozen types of smoked fish, Leo’s bagels might fill the void. They just opened on Stone street at Hanover Sq. and have some great sandwich selections using homemade roast beef and turkey.

Photos and updates by Daniel Krieger



  • Roast beef and turkey do not belong on a bagel. How can they have appetizing (which makes it sound like the real deal) and then make sandwiches like this?

  • Means I wont get a cease and desist when I adopt the name for my porn career..

  • Ha! Good one Dubbin.

  • The only thing on that block thats not jinxed is that newspaper stand! Every thing else bites the dust in less than 6 months. I was lucky to try the crepe place that was there for 3 months 2 yrs ago. I beleive the spot is cursed with high rent.

  • Hey, I have more pics of Leo’s (including a slightly blurry zoom shot of the menu, which is visible from the street… cuz I am CREEPY!) if you want them. Is it officially open? I don’t want to venture into the cold if it’s not open.

  • Yes they’re open for biz

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