Downtown Lunch: The Newly Opened Mr. Skewer & Co.

Midtown workers shouldn’t have all the fun, so to even the score, I’ve brought on Daniel Krieger as an official Downtown Lunch Correspondent to write up some of the tasty stuff you can get in the lower half of Manhattan. He’s a great photographer (ensuring good food porn), but more importantly he is a lover of cheap, unique and delicious eats (or as I like to call it- Midtown Lunch’ish food.) Today he’s all about meat on a stick… without actually geting meat on a stick!  Unless they skewer the whole thighs.  Do they skewer whole thighs?  Holy mackerel…

Mr. Skewer final

Mr. Skewer & Co. just sounds like a bad porn name… and yet despite that fact, I still went in to scope out the joint. When you enter their new downtown location situated on Broadway between Worth and Thomas street, you’ll find large metal skewers rotating with juicy hunks of chicken on them.

Mr. Skewer 1s

I was tempted to get the chorizo sandwich as it passed by in front of my face and the fragrant scent of spicy pork scent awakened my taste buds… but I decided to go with an economical but satisfying combination platter. The “light spicy chicken thighs” served with 2 sides for $7.45.

Mr. Skewer 2s

I went with the sweet corn and roasted potatoes but you have the choice of steamed or grilled veggies and rice/beans. This was the first time I’ve ever ordered chicken thighs but it’s the type of dish I used to hear about as being a good cheaper part of the bird so I thought I’d give them a try. They were tender and packed with flavor. I wish the skin was a bit crispier but overall it was great..and had that greasy-is-good texture.

Mr. Skewer 4s

I asked for a sample taste of the chorizo, and after tasting it I knew I would be back to have the actual sandwich, which they were nice enough to let me photograph. Just look at that thing! *licks computer screen*

At $8.45 it’s not cheap, but really it isn’t much more expensive than a typical sandwich at the generic deli’s in the surrounding vicinity. They also have a bunch of vegetarian options, savory crepes, sweet crepes, and something called the Gaucho Burger, served on their homemade cheese bread. I like the sound of that.

Mr. Skewer & Co., 325 Broadway (btw. Worth & Thomas), 212-513-0505

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  • Oh dear, I get wet just looking at those succulent offerings ;) Do they do skirt steak? If so could you get a skirt steak up skirt shot? Thnx in advance :)

  • is there one of these on 14th street too?

  • That looks pretty as hell..

  • Yes they have a location on 14th street as well.

  • I am not a medical doctor, but I have earned 2 PhDs and my wife is a respected medical professional.

    I urge my fellow Midtown Lunch (in this case Downtown Lunch) readers to avoid just the kind of carcinogenic fired-cooked foods featured here. The link between charred food and illness is well-documented. This establishment no doubt keeps Sloan-Kettering in business.

    I will suggest a more toothsome, not to mention safer, alternative for Downtown Lunchers: The Gatehouse on South End Avenue. Wonderful in every aspect save the stench of cigarette smoke eminating from their outdoor eating area.

  • Well, I am not a medical doctor either, and I don’t have the two fake PhD certificates up on the wall like DocChuck does, but I know a thing or two about being skewered, albeit a very short and oozing-sore-covered skewer. DocChuck is back to dressing me up as one of the Power Puff girls while he puts on a lab coat (and naught else) as their scientist “father” and proceeds to “discipline” me, if that interests you. Me? Not so much.

  • I understand that this site is limited by Zach’s cheap fatboy guidelines (which I commonly follow, admittedly), but for just 2-3 bucks over his $10 limit this place has steak options that will turn your lunch into a royal feast. Yes, amazing baby picanha, skirt steak and so much more… muito bom!! And hell yeah, Daniel, go back even if just for a snack on the cheese bread and the brazilian soda. As you can tell, i’m a fan of this place (been to the one just outside of Union Square)… but still waiting for them to bring in some samba girls… still waiting …yup, still waiting…

  • After reading the following post DocChuckles made on another site, I’m almost inclined to believe he knows something about healthy eating. His bloated she-beast of a “wife” seems to have taought him a lesson or two.

    “About 2 years ago, my wife (a licensed practical nurse who, incidentally, is a great deal younger than myself) made the ill-advised decision to forego carbohydrates in her diet. Since then, her diet has consisted of mostly processed cheeses, luncheon meats, foil packages of tuna, spiral hams, deviled eggs, spinach dip and clear liquors.

    I’m afraid abstaining from carbohydrates robbed that poor woman of her once-girlish figure as well as her joi d’vive. She has become fleshy and mannish in appearance and her pocked skin now requires several thick coats of foundation. Let’s not discuss her breath.

    On the other hand, I have not one but 2 PhDs and apparantly the good sense to include pasta, rice and potatoes as well as bread, cake and pie in my diet. I am still told that I look too young to be retired (I am a retired “educator,” if that means anything to you). Perhaps I have a bit of a paunch, but at least my body has not fallen into irreversable ketosis.”

    Does the circus make you clean her cage when she’s on tour or do they have a professional do that?

  • GENIUS. Sheer genius.

  • That food looks incredible. I think steak is the finest food on earth and those pictures make my mouth water.

  • Hmmm… maybe worth the walk in warmer weather but still too far “uptown” from me. More South Ferry area haunts … that’s what we need :)

  • My dearest Yvo:

    That you find slothfulness to be such an admirable trait is disheartening.

    It does not speak well of the younger generation.

  • well ive worked there and the way that they make those sausages and their burgers you abosultely wouldnt believe. It is not pretty and i would never eat there again.

  • My dear Aisha,
    My name is Alain, I use to be the chef @ Mr. Skewer then @ the Broadway location until we had finaly to close it due to the lack of evening business in the business (lunch was amazing!!). I take those few seconds to reply at your posting because I want the people reading your posting that I do not recall ever had an employee named Aisha at broadway nor at the 14th street location while i was there. Therefore darling either you are just one of those internet frustrated fraud as there are so many those days or you are you just an angry ex-employee using a fake identification to publicaly spit on somebody else business. Oh for information, diffamation is a felony in this country… better fix your act before it gets too late darling..

  • Not here though.

    Alain Dardar is not a chef.The food at this establishment is very poor, indeed ive seen the staff picking noses and not washing hand after using the Bogs.

    Alain you are a twat.

  • Thank you for your kind comment, I really appreciate the feedbacks from a connoisseur such as you!!!
    But most thank you for printing your name, that will help me a lot for future references to come…
    Have a nice day

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