BBQ Express Update

Our Downtown Lunch man Daniel Krieger sent along this update about BBQ Express, the little window in Chinatown that sells Mexican corn and meat skewers: “If their prices weren’t cheap enough, BBQ express has introduced lunch specials and hot dogs!”  Nice!  You know what else they’ve added?  A “marketing” person to shill for them. The bottom five comments on the original BBQ Express post (from patrickgoluck, treeen88, jw, and foodlover) are all from the same IP address.  This site tolerates a lot in the comments- but multiple postitive or negative comments from the same person pretending to be multiple people, isn’t one of those things. (Unless it is coming from Midtown Lunch’s one legitimately schizophrenic commenter.)  Besides, you don’t need to shill for a place selling lunch specials like these.  They sell themselves!



  • Careful Zach, you don’t want them to start a flame war and lecture you on how computers and ip address work at their “office”!

    And I never thought I’d see the day where a sign says ‘lunch special’, ‘hot dogs’, and chinese characters all in one sign. Mmm.. I love New York.

  • “the bottom five comments…” link takes me to a different site. Wrong link?

  • I think he intended to link to a different site. Its directly related to “shilling”.

  • @casadelun – sorry! fixed it…

  • ‘never had I taste such flavor on a tiny stick’… maybe I’ve been watching too much of The Office, but… that’s what she said.

  • Boy, BBQ Express needs to spend a little more money on their PR. Picking a post from a month ago to comment on? Can’t wait to hear the read the new comments on this post in October.

  • Just for the obvious fake posts I’ll never go down there and I love MexiCorn.


  • Ahh I feel bad now… Let me shill for them. If you go down near Mosco try a skewer and corn anyway don’t mind all this nonsense.

    Zach I’m curious if any cart guys have shilled before? I think it’s kinda amusing they went through the trouble.

  • The place must be great if they are making fake posts. Means they are competitors and go getters. Enthusiastic about their product

  • Quit talking about my multiple personalities!!


  • thanks to this site, I’ve tried both places on
    this street.
    I tried their chicken, beef and lamb skewers.
    the lamb was the tastiest, beef last.

  • i mean, brownie and I are basically the same person, is that what you’re referring to?

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