Downtown Lunch Fave Rosario's Closes After 25 Years

Downtown Lunch
Friday was the last day for Rosario’s Downtown

Got some terrible news emailed to me late on Friday afternoon about Rosario’s (Pearl btw. Broad & Whitehall), one of the Downtown Lunch places our man Daniel Krieger wrote about a month ago:

I’m a new reader, but I have some real devastating news. I just made my trip from midtown to Rosario’s, since it is friday and I wanted a good lunch. The woman who made my sandwich (#7, the Italian) told me I better enjoy it….since it is the last one I’ll ever have! I was like WTF??? What did I do to you??? Then she explained how they lost their lease!!!! This sucks so bad!!!!!!! I had only been there 3 times! And I found it b/c of Midtown Lunch!!!!! A sad sad day…..First, my favorite Greek place downtown, the Delphi, gets demod, now Rosarios!!!! I am starting to hate how this City is transforming!!!!!!

And I had just gloated about how they hung up Daniel’s review in the store!  Such a bummer… It turns out Rosario’s didn’t lose their lease, but the entire building was sold and will be demolished.  Friday was their last day, but they’re hoping to open up in another location Downtown.  Until then their sandwiches will be missed…



  • Bastards.

    Next will be Katz’s(don’t personally like it,but would hate to see it go)

    They never pull down a block with a MCDonalds on it, do they?


  • “They never pull down a block with a MCDonalds on it, do they?”

    In fact on the back of Rosario’s there is a McD!

  • There is?

    It will a cockroach after the nuclear strike.


  • What a sad day. Well it’s good to hear that they’ll be opening up a new store though. We’ll have to go review that one as well (I’m starting to work up an appetite thinking about that last sandwich I had).

  • I was the one who discovered this travesty–and I must admit–I saved the second half of my#7 until late last night, as I could not bare to part with the last bit of rosarios for an indeteriminate period of time….I will now try to find a suitable replacement, but know in my heart there is nothing even close…

  • Well, I had to see it for myself, so walked over to Rosario’s few minutes ago and sure enough, the gates are down and the place was dark.

    But…. Grandma Rosario was outside so she and I chatted a bit about the situation. It appears the owner of the building sold it which I guess meant the new owner must have asked for a sky-high escalated rent.

    Grandma is not sure as to what the future of Rosarios will be. About a dozen people came by within a span of 5 minutes and were all turned away disappointed…

  • I feel for all of Rosario’s regular patrons—losing a lunchplace of Rosario’s quality is definitely a kick in the jimmy….

  • I come back from vacation to find this! WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF. This is seriously WTF WTF WTF WTF. WTF angry face angry face. WTF.

    No I haven’t calmed down yet! I just found out when my coworker told me this! Triple triple triple WTF. I hope they open in a similar location or else it’ll be FAR finanial district. I’ll still go but I’ll be mad it’s not that close anymore WTF. WTF.

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